The future we are walking toward is a future based on interacting, constant streams of data...

There is no doubt that getting data about you, your interests and your habits is one of the driving forces behind technological development. Smartphones today are the feature packed supercomputers, not because of necessity, but because they generate a flood information that can be used for marketing and product improvement. 

Blockchain technology will be the basis of the next generation of Internet, tying together all of the different data sources to create a trustless and decentralized Internet of data and value from which our whole lives will be based. 


Our role

The current state of IoT is encased in a few silos of usability, relying on a group of centralized corporations with their cloud based servers, to maintain and protect our data. These corporations are not working together to establish data or communication standards between devices in order to build the ecosystem but rather competing for data monopoly. This battle for supremacy is stagnating the progress of the ecosystem as a whole. 

The current state is changing fast and we are taking it upon ourselves to be a part of the revolution, by propping up ecosystem with nodes or masternodes, located around the world, serving as data and transaction maintainers and verifiers.

We also understand that the main hurdle in realizing this future is in people understanding the technology, driving use and community effort in demanding usability and creating a market. Our technology experts are therefore actively involved in the community, eager to share their knowledge and passion with others, making this technology more accessible to every day people. 

We see this as the second coming of the Internet, when in the early days, there was little usage because the learning curve was high. As people understood what was possible, the market for use grew, the technology got easier to use. Now it is an imperceptible fabric to our daily life. 

So from simple wallet setup to building mining rigs to hosting masternodes, from writing articles to speaking at your event to explaining the technology to your grandmother that wants to invest, we are here and very happy to share our passion with you.