What do we do at Grayblock?


Node Setup, Hosting and Support

Whether it is hosing a masternode, supernode or anything in between, we have 7 years experience building and hosting nodes for a variety of cryptocurrencies to make sure you do it right. We have servers located around the world to fit your needs, whether it is cloud based or bare metal. 


If you want to get started but don't know where to start, we can help! From simple wallet setup to building mining rigs to hosting masternodes, we know it all. Our team has a long history in everything cryptocurrency and can help you get to the destination of your choosing. 


We recognize that one of the most important parts to getting people involved and invested is in people understanding the technology and how to use it for their needs. Our team is passionate about sharing our knowledge and making it easy to understand for all. If you would like one of our team members to talk at your event or even one-on-one, let us know!


As an extension of our passion to teach, we have a technical expert on our team that regularly writes articles concerning a wide variety of technology and has a real talent for making the complex, accessible. If you would like an article written for your project or website (whitepapers included!), send us an email.