INT Vanity Wallets

 Vanity wallets are addresses where you can specify a couple characters after “INT1…” to give your address a customized touch. The way these are created is much like mining, where hashes, in this case public keys, are created one after the other until the result matches the characters you requested. Sample addresses look like this:




Because this relies on random collisions of hashes, each additional character increases the difficulty of finding a match exponentially. The cost is therefore determined by the number of characters and total runtime associated with finding that match.

INT1* - Free - 24 hrs

INT1** - Free - 24 hrs

INT1*** - Free - 24 hrs

INT1**** - 250 INT - 24 hrs

INT1***** - 750 INT - 24 hrs

INT1****** - 2,500 INT - 72 hrs

INT1******* - 7,500 INT - 1 week

INT1******* - 25,000 INT - 3 weeks

INT1******** - 1,000,000 INT - 1 month

Send payment to:


Once payment and information is received, we will begin generating your new vanity address!

The Easy Way - Less Secure

This method has our servers generate your address, encrypting your keystore with the password you provide and send it to your given email from a separate email than the one receiving your information. Our script does not store the generated private key, keystore or your password so if you loose your password, you will have to pay to get a new vanity address generated. This is the least secure option as you have to trust us to not keep your information and our security in our systems and email.

From which your INT payment is coming
The number of custom characters excluding "INT1"
The string you want after "INT1"
To encrypt your keystore

The Hard Way - Most Secure

This method uses split key generation to ensure the private key for your vanity address is trusted to no one but you. It requires more work but the result is trustless generation of your address. Split key generation uses a public key you provide to generate part of a private key for a vanity address. The rest of this private key cannot be generated unless you have the private key which corresponds to the public key you provided.

Step 1:

Go to and after generating entropy to 100%, click on “Vanity Wallet”

Under “Step 1 - Generate your "Step 1 Key Pair" click “Generate”

Copy that public key into the form below, labeled “Step 1 - Public Key”

Save the given private key securely! This will be the private key you use to generate the final vanity address private key! If you lose this, you will not be able to use your vanity address.

Step 2:

Fill out the rest of the form at the bottom of this page and submit it.

Step 3:

Once you receive the private key part from our address generator, you will need to complete the private key generation. Go back to and after generating entropy to 100%, click on “Vanity Wallet”. Enter into the first field in “Step 2” the private key you saved from step 1 of this guide. Enter into the second field the private key part that you received from us in the second field.

Click “Add” and “Calculate Vanity Wallet”

Step 4:

Copy the “Vanity Private Key (WIF):” and go to

Click on “Wallet Details” and paste in the private key WIF that you copied from Bitaddress and click “View Details”

Step 5:

Scroll to the bottom where you see, “Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]):”

This is your INT private key for your vanity address. Copy it and keep it safe. Next we are going to generate your encrypted keystore (optional).

Step 6 (optional):

Go to and click “View Wallet Info”

Select “Private Key” and paste in you hex format private key, click “Unlock”

Click “Download New Keystore” to encrypt your private key into a keystore for secure storage.

From which your INT payment is coming
The number of custom characters excluding "INT1"
The string you want after "INT1"
Public key generated from Step 1 of the bitaddress vanity wallet generator