Bootstrapping is a way of speeding up the time it takes your peer or Thearchy node to sync. As the number of blocks on the INT chain grow, syncing time continues to grow. Depending on your internet speed and processing power, downloading all of the current ~800,000 blocks from other peers takes around 20 days! To speed that up, we will host a regularly updated tar file with all you need to cut that syncing time down to less than a day.

This file will be updated every Monday.

THe best way to do this…

…is to download this straight to your node. Log into your node and navigate to the intchain/ folder in your data directory within int/:

cd int/data/intchain/

Make sure your peer or Thearchy is not running, then download the bootstrap tarball from our peer node:


then extract the peer data:

tar -xzvf peerData.tar.gz

If you are using this to update your peer node, you are good to go. If you are using this for your Thearchy, you will need to move all the files within the newly created peerData/ folder into your miner folder, minerData_INT…/

cp -r root/data/intchain/peerData/* minerData_INT…/.

and just like that, you have pre-synced up to within the last week! Start your node and let it finish syncing from there.