INT - Internet Node Token

Internet Node Token (INT) describes itself as “An economy driven solution to improve the device interconnection of the Internet of Things”, but what it has proven itself to be is a novel approach to the problem of building an IoT blockchain network that satisfies the needs of the ecosystem. By building a bottoms-up, use-case driven architecture, INT has solved the issues that hold back other projects, scalability, applicability, interoperability and developability.



Grayblock - INT Thearchy Node Candidate


Who we are

We are a diverse group with backgrounds in Research and Technology, Engineering, Server Administration and Supply Chain, with a combined 7 years of experience in mining/node building and maintenance to carry us into the next era of blockchain technology. We are a team that shares a passion for blockchain technology and it’s application in the future.

We see the Internet of Things (IoT) as being the ultimate manifestation of this technology. With IoT growing at an exponential rate through the next decade and beyond, we wish to be an enabler for mass adoption by making this technology easy to understand and by helping those that wish to get involved.


We see INT as the leader in this space by marrying the vision of world-encompassing connectivity with the power of blockchain in a framework that enables the fast-paced and diverse ecosystem of IoT. Their Correct-By-Construction, use case driven approach to building a network to support the intended uses and needs of the future IoT ecosystem sets them apart from the others. We hope to be a part of the revolution by supporting the network, getting involved and working together to make a different world.

Why we want to be involved

We believe in blockchain technology and it’s impact in our future. We believe IoT to be the ultimate culmination of this, with it becoming integral to the very fabric of our society.

What therefore lies before us is a revolution by which everything from financial systems to data communication will transition to immutable and trustless blockchains. We want to be a part of the change.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology, in general, have become more widely known words in the world recently but an understanding of what it is past the get-rich-quick speculative nature of them is lagging behind. We realize that a major hurdle in real adoption is people understanding the technology, making it not a fringe subject but something everyone can understand and be a part of.

Our plan to support


In addition to supporting the network as a block producer, we see an equally important responsibility in educating people about INT, IoT and blockchain technology in general, sharing our passion with others.

We plan to become more active in the space, speaking at community blockchain meet-ups and cryptocurrency conferences both locally and abroad to bring attention to what INT is doing and to build an understanding of the technology they offer. We will also continue to provide easy to understand articles like we currently produce here and here while also maintaining the core of what got us here, our love for helping people build mining rigs and set up nodes. We want to get people involved, help them understand the technology and spread the excitement for the future.

Here is where upcoming events will be posted


Thearchy - Block Producing Node

We do not anticipate heavy use on the network on launch as most users generate private keys and transfer tokens into the network. During this time, we will be running our initial Thearchy block producing node in a cloud-based environment in North America. This gives us the ability to quickly scale and satisfy the immediate demands of the network. As we do additional software and hardware testing and the requirements become better understood, we will move to assembling purpose-built servers for the future co-located data center to support the INT ecosystem.

Cloud-based environment:

OS: Linux

vCPU: 8

Memory: 32 GB

Blockchain Storage: 1 TB

IPFS Storage: 1 TB

Again, these specs are just for launch and the initial testing. Once the network has established itself and the true computing needs have been determined, we will build dedicated servers locally to support the network.

Back-up Nodes

To ensure that we are ready for any disruptive incidents, we will maintain a secondary, stand-by Thearchy node mirroring the live one, ready to be launched at a moments notice. At launch, these will be maintained as cloud-based environments matching the above specifications but hosted by different providers to ensure full redundancy in the event of service downtime. Once we move to bare metal servers, we will maintain this redundancy by geographical separation.

Validator Nodes

We also plan to launch several publicly available, non-block producing validator nodes to help support the network. These will also be cloud-based to have the ability to separate them geographically while still being able to control them. This enables us to serve the network globally.


Keeping in mind the network securing responsibility these nodes will have, we will employ the highest security standards available on all nodes, block producing and not.

Using public key authentication along with two-factor authentication, access to the servers will be restricted to only those with the private keys, both physically and digitally.

Developing Tools

In the future, we would like to get involved in the development of the INT ecosystem and build tools to make the interaction with the network easier. These may be snapshot tools to assist in token/ICO distribution, wallets, Dapps or blockchain explorers to add value and give back to those that are working to make a different world.

We will be releasing a roadmap with a detailed phasing plan as we get a more detailed timeline on INT’s release.