Who we are


Our Team

We are a diverse group with backgrounds in Research and Technology, Engineering, Server Administration and Supply Chain, with a combined 7 years of experience in node building and maintenance to carry us into the next era of blockchain technology. We are a team that shares one passion in blockchain technology and it's application in the future. 

Our Vision

Blockchain technology has snared our collective minds and captivated us with the future it can bring. We see the Internet of Things being the ultimate manifestation of this technology. Growing at an exponential rate within the next decade, we wish to be an enabler for mass adoption by making this technology easy to understand and by helping those that wish to get involved. 

Our Future

We understand that the main hurdle in realizing this future is in people understanding the technology, driving use and in building a community that demands usability which will create the market. We, as an organization, are here to not only support the technology by hosting nodes and data servers, but to teach about the technology and help people get involved to make it approachable for all. 


What is IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the general idea of smart devices all connected and interacting with each other in an imperceptible web effecting our daily life. We see this now in our smart phones and smart devices that are connected to other every day objects in our lives, having Google Home or Amazon's Echo control the lighting in your house or the music playing on your speakers. But IoT can be so much more. The automation of our lives will continue to grow and the need for our hands and minds to be involved in decision making will continue to dwindle. 


Why is IoT the Future

As we have seen with the success of Google, Amazon, and Facebook, your data is very valuable. There is a large market in getting as much data from people as possible. These corporations  have and will continue to push new and different technology in order to get more data from it's users. The way this will be done is by connecting everything in our world together. There will no longer be any division between your phone, your computer, your car, your home or the outside world. It will all be connected. 

What this means for us is our lives will continue to become more automated, becoming less dependent on us making and carrying out decisions. As the automation of our lives continues to progress, the ability to further automate will be dependent on the availability of data to be the basis of decision making. Manufacturers will want to make more complex systems that do more and more things, much like what we have seen with smart phone technology. The future we are walking toward is a future based on interacting, constant streams of data.


INT Thearchy Node


Internet Node Token (INT) describes itself as “An economy driven solution to improve the device interconnection of the Internet of Things”, but what it has proven itself to be is a novel approach to the problem of building an IoT blockchain network that satisfies the needs of the ecosystem. By building a bottoms-up, use-case driven architecture, INT has solved the issues that hold back other projects, scalability, applicability, interoperability and developability.


We see INT as the leader in this space by marrying the vision of world-encompassing connectivity with the power of blockchain in a framework that enables the fast-paced and diverse ecosystem of IoT. Their Correct-By-Construction, use case driven approach to building a network to support the intended uses and needs of the future IoT ecosystem sets them apart from the others. We hope to be a part of the revolution by supporting the network, getting involved and working together to make a different world.


News and Articles

We will continue to post updates about our business and upcoming events as well as technology articles here, on our Medium page and on Twitter.